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Welcome to the site of the Dendrochronological Laboratory at the Southern Swedish Research Centre of the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU) in Alnarp (DELA)!



In cooperation with other research groups of ESS we conduct research at the interface between dendro-chronology (science of tree-rings) and forest ecology. The focus of the lab is on dendrochronology, dendroecology, forest ecology, forest history, and past climate variablility. Many tree ring studies link to biodiversity and conservation.



Short history of the laboratory


The Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre (Institutionen för Sydsvensk skogsvetenskap, ESS) established in Alnarp in 1989 and the dendro laboratory was set up in 1997. Main geographical focus is on southern Scandinavia and central-eastern Europe, including both the temperate and boreal ecosystems. Strong ties of ESS with SLU campus in Umeå (Northern Sweden), gives the lab partly a boreal profile especially in the field of reconstruction of forest fire histories. In the last years the geographical scope of the lab has expanded towards central Europe, and further to the eastern parts of Eurasian boreal forests.


Read about our ongoing research projects, Master project possibilities. Here the list of publications available online. 


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Summary of the report from the project "Oak growth and soil clay content" 


DELA receives EU funding to study circumboral fire activity


DELA receives FORMAS funding to study forest fires in Sweden


Course "Nordic vegetation under the future climate" November 24-26, Ekenäs 2016 


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member of NordicDendro NOVA network



 leader of the EU Project PREREAL


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