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Nordic dendro labs


sv-min  Sweden


The Regional Climate Group at the University of Gothenburg


Nationella laboratoriet för vedanatomi och dendrokronologi, Lunds Universitet



dk-min  Danmark


Undersøgelser, Danmarks nationalmuseum



fin-min  Finland


Saima - Centre for Environmental Sciences in Savonlinna at the University of Joensuu


LUSTIA Project -  Underwater dendrochronology


Laboratory of dendrochronology, University of Joensuu


Dendrochronological laboratory, Department of Geography, University of Oulu


Metla/Rovaniemi Dendro Lab, Finnish Forest Research Institute



nor-min  Norway


Dendrochronological Laboratory (Department of Biology), University of Tromsø



flag_iceland Island


Dendrochronological Laboratory of Iceland forest service at Mógilsá Research station.




Other Nordic laboratories - NordArk site



See also EURO Catalogue - Database of European dendrochornological labs, by Tom Levanic




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