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Ewa Zin

Tree population dynamics and fire history in Bialowieza Forest


PhD project


Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU, Alnarp
in cooperation with Forest Research Institute, European Centre for Natural Forests, Bialowieza  Poland


project duration - 2010 - 2015


Project summary


Bialowieza Forest (BF) (E Poland and W Belarus) is one of best preserved lowland old-growth woodlands of the European temperate zone. Due to its high degree of naturalness it has become a reference ecosystem for forest ecology in this region. However, the disturbance history and tree dynamics of this forest area are still poorly known. The general aim of the project is to investigate regeneration dynamics of Scots pine, Norway spruce, and pedunculate oak over the last ~300 years in relation to fire disturbance history in this area. Specific questions, which will be answered, are: (1) Over which area and in which forest types did fire influence the regeneration of trees and thereby today’s forest composition in BF?; (2) Did changes in fire regime cause the increase of spruce share in BF stands, observed in the recent past?; (3) Is fire a positive factor for regeneration of Scots pine in the competition with other, late-successional tree species, like e.g. spruce, also in the central European conditions?; (4) Are fire and climate dynamics in BF over last ~300 years related? The project will be based on dendroecological and GIS methods. Data will be collected both in the Polish and the Belarusian part of the study area.





Jing Zhang

Assessment of the effect of root infection in live trees on the volume dynamics


Master project

Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU, Alnarp

project duration - 2011 - 2012



Project summary


The impact of Heterobasidion root rot in Scots pine stands is probably underestimated by forest owners in southern Sweden. This may result in unwise management which leads to considerable economic losses. In order to improve the management of Scots pine stands and to decrease losses, an experiment has been conducted to measure the dynamics of volume growth of infected trees two sites.


The results are expected to uncover the quantitative relationship between the extent of root infection and growth reduction, which will allow proper estimate of associated economic losses.



We assume these results would tend to support the adoption of stump treatment of stumps in order to reduce future losses in stands of "high risk"


Data of volume growth would be gained through a thorough stem analysis of all experimental trees. The laboratory work for growth reduction is expected to be finished in January 2012. Project report will be finished in June 2012.





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