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Climate Reconstruction  National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)

Historical reconstruction across the globe and temporal scales



WSL-Birmensdorf tree-ring data 2000
Dr. Fritz Schweingruber and colleagues at WSL-Birmensdorf (Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research) have recently made the largest data contribution in the history of The International Tree-Ring Data Bank. The data set contains nearly 500 sites from around the world, including ring width and wood density measurements, and site chronologies

International Tree Ring Data Bank. Tree-ring chronologies over the world


cru_ts_2.10/newly_gridded/data_all, CRU data. Another CRU link /

NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis


NOAA Paleoclimatology Tree Ring data are available via an ArcIMS GIS interface


PDSI data. A global data set of Palmer Drought Severity Index for 1870-2002


SMHI Beta - Svensk klimatdata från SMHI


European Climate Assessment and Dataset (ECAD) data


Millenium project


CLIWOC release 1.5 - Historical data on sea climate


Future projections, climate data from Consortium Ouranos





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